Staying safe with browsers

Sadly the most unsafe browser is the most used one around, Google Chrome is not just a resource hog, but also extremely unsafe, because it was engineered with a focus on ad revenue. This probably puts a big stick in your wheel, as there is a 99% chance that you are using Chrome. You probably really like using Chrome, which is understandable, it is a very fast and reliable browser. The kicker comes with their censorship of app’s that try and keep your information safe, as well as removing your ability to easily clear out old data, to keep you from being tracked on the internet.

So how do you stay safe with browsers? A simple first step is to use something other than Chrome, you might feel a bit at a loss here, but there are a bunch of other browsers like Firefox, Opera and Safari. There are also a bunch of others that can be searched for, if you want to try a bit of a different flavour, however those three are the nearest runner up’s to Chrome. This might sound like a very daunting task to move to another browser, but on first startup, most newer browsers will actually ask you to migrate your bookmarks and other things into your newly installed browser.

Firefox Puzzle
Firefox really is a rather good browser for privacy

The second step is to check your settings of your browser and make sure that you keep as little of your browsing history as possible and also that you don’t give any websites more access on your browser than necessary. A lot of sites will ask for access to your location or even your microphone and camera, the majority of these do not need this access and you are better off declining or entirely disabling it. A lot of loopholes to access information on computers have been found over the years in these permissions and they have fortunately become a focus on many newer browsers.

A final step you can take is either installing an adblocker in your browser or enabling strict mode in your browser settings. This will stop ad networks from being able to track you, which in turn will stop other people from being able to do the same and restrict access to information about you. This is actually what the focus often is in our people as security series, restricting the information flow, so it can’t be abused or used against you, as it is an overwhelming part of staying safe.

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