How to build your own app

There are a great many ways to build apps and programs, but the first step is finding something you want to make. For most people this is usually something like a hello world introduction, that shows you how to build a specific app or program. You might however already have an idea of what you want tough and that is a big step of the way.

The next step is to pick a programming language, which is the name of what you write to make a program or app do what you want it to. To pick a programming language, it is often a very good idea to look around for what you want to do first. There might be a programming language or even a point and click option exactly for what you are trying to do and learning any programming language is a skill that is never wasted.

The point and click options can also be quite a good introduction into the mindset of programming, Scratch is a very good one of these made for educational purposes. It can be a fun way for you to learn programming, as well as older kids. It works by letting you snap together things you want your computer to do, into a program you can use later on.

Coding ide
The view of a coding screen can seem very daunting

The main reason for looking around for a programming language is that there are sometimes solutions that put itself in between point and click and a programming language, making it easier to do exactly the thing you want. For example if you want to make an app that can be used in your browser, using a tool like Tampermonkey is ideal or if want to automate something on your computer AutoIT may be the right tool.

There are a great many tools like these out there, that can make programming simple to learn and simple to do, the key to them all though is that you have to find and use them. Once you get good enough at it, it may also mean a possibility of a paid job in the industry or even an a successful app of your own.

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