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Welcome guys and gals, it’s been quite a few years of me toying with this site to try and figure out what exactly to use it for and for the past two years it has just been collecting dust. I have finally gotten around to kicking some life back into it and finding a purpose for it, the purpose being safety.

This is the point where most of you will scratch your head at the word safety. “Do we really need such a thing on the internet?”, “Don’t we have tonnes of safety video’s?”. Well I am more thinking a different kind of safety, more along safety in numbers or safety through knowledge. More specifically knowledge about Computers and the internet.

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You have most likely heard this before, most likely more than a thousand times, hell a lot of companies use it as their slogan. “We make the complex simple” or “Computers for dummies”. This is where I am hoping that my approach will be a little bit different though, I am of the idea that most things computers are pretty simple really and that it doesn’t need dumbing down, it just needs to be explained in a more creative way.

You are probably thinking I am full of it right now, you might possible be right to think that, but if I don’t give it a shot we will never find out. I could tell you up and down about my close to two decades of experience in computer engineering, almost a decade in creating course material and a bunch of other crap. However I am a firm believer in that your education, your title or even your experience is not you and that neither of those parameters guarantee quality in any way.

This is why I am just inviting you along on this journey, so lets see if I can make some good content and if you can’t hopefully get some “aha” moments with technology!

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