Category: People as Security

As stated by Forbes, IBM and a host of other companies, people are the single biggest security threat. So this is a series of articles made to teach you and others, how to be a security asset instead of a risk.

Firefox Puzzle

Staying safe with browsers

Sadly the most unsafe browser is the most used one around, Google Chrome is not just a resource hog, but also extremely unsafe, because it was engineered with a focus on ad revenue. This probably puts a big stick in your wheel, as there is a 99% chance that you are using Chrome. You probably really like using Chrome, which… Read more →

Android Smartphone

Staying safe with smartphones

Smartphones are one of those devices we just assume is safe and works, but there are a lot of hidden risks to owning a smartphone. Phones today are at the brink of being almost as powerful as a modern day computer and combined with them containing tonnes of our private information, there are several reasons why they are juicy targets… Read more →

Black Hole

Password and login security, the gaping hole

In 2019 the most common passwords were still “password” and “123456” or derivatives of those like “Passw0rd” or “123A56” and a lot of people keep talking about how these are gaping security holes. However it seems that nobody actually talks about WHY these are security holes. The reasons behind this being such a security threat is actually a lot more… Read more →