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Articles with basic computer knowledge.

Mechanical Harddrive

How long do computers live?

The question of how long computers live is a hard one to answer, both because it is an ever evolving field, but also because the lifespan of a computer changes depending on your needs. This can be summed up into two categories, how long a computer can physically survive and how long the computer is actually useful for. At the… Read more →

Old Computer

How computers work

You have probably heard a bunch of stuff about how computers work and how they are put together, a lot of which probably sounds like nonsense, because it often uses tech lingo that is hard to understand without direct knowledge of it. This is why I will try and explain things in a bit more easy to read fashion. Most… Read more →

Book and Glasses

A history lesson in computers

“Back in the day” computer illiteracy was a very different beast than it is today, most urban legends about people using CD-ROM trays as coffee cup holders is actually something I have seen in the real world. Today there is a 50/50 chance that you and many others don’t even know what a CD-ROM is, but if it was still… Read more →