Author: Kristian

The creator of this site, thinking outside the box, to bring you content written about technology, without all the tech lingo. Has close to two decades of experience in the tech industry, a decade of which was also spent developing course material for the next generation of engineers and content writers.
Old Computer

How computers work

You have probably heard a bunch of stuff about how computers work and how they are put together, a lot of which probably sounds like nonsense, because it often uses tech lingo that is hard to understand without direct knowledge of it. This is why I will try and explain things in a bit more easy to read fashion. Most… Read more →

Black Hole

Password and login security, the gaping hole

In 2019 the most common passwords were still “password” and “123456” or derivatives of those like “Passw0rd” or “123A56” and a lot of people keep talking about how these are gaping security holes. However it seems that nobody actually talks about WHY these are security holes. The reasons behind this being such a security threat is actually a lot more… Read more →

Book and Glasses

A history lesson in computers

“Back in the day” computer illiteracy was a very different beast than it is today, most urban legends about people using CD-ROM trays as coffee cup holders is actually something I have seen in the real world. Today there is a 50/50 chance that you and many others don’t even know what a CD-ROM is, but if it was still… Read more →

Nexination Logo

Welcome to the show

Welcome guys and gals, it’s been quite a few years of me toying with this site to try and figure out what exactly to use it for and for the past two years it has just been collecting dust. I have finally gotten around to kicking some life back into it and finding a purpose for it, the purpose being… Read more →