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The creator of this site, thinking outside the box, to bring you content written about technology, without all the tech lingo. Has close to two decades of experience in the tech industry, a decade of which was also spent developing course material for the next generation of engineers and content writers.
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What is a database?

This is probably a question you never asked yourself or maybe even wanted to ask, yet here we are. You have probably tried Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets at one time or another in your life, make to make sense of a bunch of information or maybe even to make a simple graph. A database is for all intents and… Read more →

Coding ide

How to build your own app

There are a great many ways to build apps and programs, but the first step is finding something you want to make. For most people this is usually something like a hello world introduction, that shows you how to build a specific app or program. You might however already have an idea of what you want tough and that is… Read more →

Firefox Puzzle

Staying safe with browsers

Sadly the most unsafe browser is the most used one around, Google Chrome is not just a resource hog, but also extremely unsafe, because it was engineered with a focus on ad revenue. This probably puts a big stick in your wheel, as there is a 99% chance that you are using Chrome. You probably really like using Chrome, which… Read more →