Firefox Puzzle

Staying safe with browsers

Sadly the most unsafe browser is the most used one around, Google Chrome is not just a resource hog, but also extremely unsafe, because it was engineered with a focus on ad revenue. This probably puts a big stick in your wheel, as there is a 99% chance that you are using Chrome. You probably really like using Chrome, which… Read more →

Mechanical Harddrive

How long do computers live?

The question of how long computers live is a hard one to answer, both because it is an ever evolving field, but also because the lifespan of a computer changes depending on your needs. This can be summed up into two categories, how long a computer can physically survive and how long the computer is actually useful for. At the… Read more →

Android Smartphone

Staying safe with smartphones

Smartphones are one of those devices we just assume is safe and works, but there are a lot of hidden risks to owning a smartphone. Phones today are at the brink of being almost as powerful as a modern day computer and combined with them containing tonnes of our private information, there are several reasons why they are juicy targets… Read more →