What is this place?
Well this is Nexination, we currently don't have much yet.

However the idea of the site is to make products that bring people together and make peoples lives easier.
So what products do you have?
Currently we only have a few products for a messaging service called Telegram.

But don't worry we are working on more, follow our progress on GitHub.
That's cool, but what now?
Well you can try out one of our current products, participate in our projects or even just leave if none of this sounds nice to you. :P
StockAlertBot is a bot for keeping track of stock movements.

Short description: It gives you the ability to sign up your stocks by their ticker identifier, which can be found on Yahoo Finance.
Once you have signed up the service will poll for information every 5 minutes and alert you if the stock has moved more than 0.1%.
Reporting bugs: Any bugs can be reported here.
Configuration Collection
My configuration collection, contains configurations and guides for difficult problems

Short description: It is all of the information I have gathered over the years as a Linux admin.
The most important part of this being all of the pitfalls that can force you into hours of bug hunting.
Reporting issues: Any issues can be reported here.
XOutput is not my original product, but it is a great product made by Eric Barrett.

Short description: I mention this because Eric seems to have gone dark, so I decided to improve upon his original project.
What the product does is turn your old DirectInput controllers into bonafide XInput controllers.
To put it in layman's terms, it makes your old controller into an "XBox controller", pretty neat huh?
Node Modular Chat
Node Modular Chat is one of my old design ideas, to make a reusable Websocket chat.

Short description: I really do think I succeeded on this one, it is entirely built in NodeJS and Javascript.
You may use this anyway you'd like or even ask me for access to improve upon it.
As for right now, it is super basic, but has many features and it is also very easy to modify to set up your own custom chat should you choose.
ShowtimeBot is a bot for keeping track of TV shows.

Short description: This one is my baby so please read the instructions before using, if you fuck it up I will go to your house and give you a wedgie.
Basically you search for and sign up for your favourite shows and it will tell you which shows you are behind on, plus alert you to new episodes.
Reporting bugs: Any bugs can be reported here.
LUA code for NodeMCU
NodeMCU LUA is a small collection of scripts for the NodeMCU.

Short description: I have made a series of videos for the NodeMCU and decided that instead of having the code badly pasted into the video, it would be better to host it on github.
So if you are coming from one of my videos to this site, then this is the link you are looking for!
Reporting bugs: Any bugs can be reported here.
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